Collagen Gel Paper Masks

A collagen-rich range that utilizes Aloe Vera's healing properties to moisturize, repair and provide damaged, chapped skin with relief from exposure to daily elements.
  • Available in: Lifting, Sensitive, Clarity, Purifying
  • Sizes Available: Single piece

About this product

1) LIFTING Collagen Paper Mask - FM 10 7511
Enriched with Gingko, Ginseng and Spirulina to nourish, strengthen skin elasticity and clear fine lines.

2) SENSITIVE Collagen Paper Mask - FM 10 7531
Enriched with Chamomile to soothe, treat inflammation and encourage skin repair.

3) PURIFYING Collagen Paper Mask - FM 10 7561
Enriched with Sage and Rosemary to cleanse infected areas and alleviate greasy skin problems.

4) CLARITY Collagen Paper Mask – FM 10 7551
Enriched with Lemon and Orange oils to lighten dark spots and pigmentation for naturally clear skin.




1) Cleanse face and neck area prior to application.

2) Remove and unfold paper mask from aluminum foil.

3) Spread over face area.

4) Apply excess gel to neck with an upward motion.

5) Remove after 20-30mins. Leave-on product.