Face Cream Masks (Wipe-off)

A range of cream-based masks that wipes off easily and cleanly with every use. Formulated with Pitera, soft clay and essential oils.
  • Available in: Hydrating, Brightening, Purifying, Lifting
  • Sizes Available: 500g

About this product

1) HYDRATING Face Cream Mask - FM 09 770
Replenishes lost oil and moisture for supple skin.

2) BRIGHTENING Face Cream Mask - FM 09 771
Brightens skin to reveal its natural fairness.

3) PURIFYING Face Cream Mask - FM 09 773
Unclogs congested pores for clear, youthful skin.

4) LIFTING Face Cream Mask – FM 09 774
Tones and reduces fine lines and wrinkles for smooth skin.




1) Spread mask onto a clean washed area of neck and face with a brush. Avoid area around eyes.

2) Leave on for 15-20mins

3) Rinse with lukewarm water.