Face Massage Creams

Our easy-glide and quick-absorbing massage creams come in 2 unique ranges:

1) JOJOBA Range - A premium selection formulated with superior Jojoba Oil and fortified with Vitamins A (Retinol), E, Ginseng and Calendula extracts.
Available in 500g, 4kg

2) ANTIOXIDANT Range - A skin-protecting selection formulated with Vitamins A (Retinol), E, Calendula and Cucumber extracts.
Available in 1kg, 5kg
  • Available in: Jojoba Range, Antioxidant Range
  • Sizes Available: -

About this product


(a) JOJOBA FIRMING Face Massage Cream - FR 05 163
With added Gingko extracts to tone and rejuvenate skin.

(b) JOJOBA BRIGHTENING Face Massage Cream - FR 05 165
Brightens and whitens skin to give it a natural luminous glow.

(c) JOJOBA ANTIOXIDANT Face Massage Cream - FR 05 162
With added Cranberry to provide essential antioxidants for healthy skin.


(a) ANTIOXIDANT Face Massage Cream with Cranberry - FR 15 260
Contains Cranberry to provide skin with a powerful boost of antioxidants.

(b) HARMONY Face Massage Cream with Rose - FR 15 268
Contains Rose to condition and hydrate dry, mature skin that has lost its suppleness.

(c) FIRMING Face Massage Cream with Gingko - FR 15 263
Contains Gingko to tone and rejuvenate skin.




Apply onto desired area and massage according to treatment protocol.