Face Ampoules (Jojoba Oil-based)

A premium assortment of Jojoba Oil-based ampoules that nourishes and moisturizes skin.
  • Available in: Lifting, Hydrating, Purifying, Brightening, Decongestant, Firming, Clarity
  • Sizes Available: 50ml, 250ml

About this product

1) LIFTING Face Ampoule - FAM 405
Lifts, reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

2) DECONGESTANT Face Ampoule - FAM 417
Reduces water retention and puffiness.

3) FIRMING Face Ampoule - FAM 475
Tones and firms slack, sagging skin.

4) CLARITY Face Ampoule – FAM 408
Lightens and evens out pigmentation and spots for an even skin tone.

5) PURIFYING Face Ampoule - FAM 428
Purifies blemished and greasy skin.

6) HYDRATING Face Ampoule - FAM 413
Replenishes lost moisture and oil.

7) WHITENING Face Ampoule - FAM 410
Evens out skin tone to reveal its natural fairness.